Thursday, June 28

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Our Video Tutorials:

Cookie Dough
How to Make Cookie Dough for Decorating Cookies
Rolling Cookie Dough

Making Royal Icing
Thinning Royal Icing for Flooding
Icing Consistency
Adding Food Coloring to Royal Icing
Short & Sweet: Getting Ready to Color Icing 
How to Pipe Straight Lines With Royal Icing
How to Fill a Piping Bag
Using a Piping Bag With a Coupler and Tips
Royal Icing Made With Egg White Powder
Basic Outlining & Flooding for Decorating Cookies
An Alternative to Royal Icing

Making Cookie Pops
Applying Sanding Sugar to a DRY Cookie
Brush Embroidery on Cookies
How to Apply Sanding Sugar
How to Apply Luster Dust
Covering a Cookie With Fondant
Using Food Coloring Pens
Decorating Cookies With DOTS
Wood Grain on Cookies!
How to PAINT on Cookies!

Drying Decorated Cookies
Cutting Exact Shapes
Fun and Easy Way of Decorating!
Putting Different Shapes Together to Make a Custom Cookie
How to Package Cookies for Shipping
Decorating TIPS

Specific Cookie Tutorials
How to Make Zebra Stripe Cookies
Shelly's Soft Sugar CookiesTree Frog Cookies
How to Make BEAUTIFUL Snowflake Cookies

Sunday, February 5

Drying Decorated Cookies

Sweet Marian from Sweetopia comes to the University of Cookie rescue with a new video!  Thank you, Marian!

Y' DARLING are these cookies?!?


Drying Decorated Cookies

If you can't see the video click HERE. 

Bonjour mes amies! Today's video is about how to dry cookies decorated with royal icing.

It may seem like such a simple thing, but knowing how to let them dry, makes a difference in how your cookies turn out. Something I didn't mention in the video, is that the cookie shapes were made using templates I created, not cookie cutters. Either way, if you're not making too many of these, cutting the cookies out with a template and paring knife isn't difficult, it just takes a bit longer. You can find an Eiffel Tower cookie cutter here, and for the other shapes you can be creative and use other cutters you already have. Take for example the dachshund, Cindy asked on facebook if it was from a stocking cookie cutter. It actually isn't, but what a fantastic idea - thanks Cindy!

Happy decorating!

Tuesday, October 18

Tap, Tap, Tap . . . is this thing still on?'s Bridget here!

Miracle of miracles, we have a video today!!!  A missing camcorder charging cord, Flip software that wouldn't work, and well, general busyness have kept me away for awhile.  Sunday, I broke down and bought an iPhone (oh, how I love it)....and Monday, I tested out the video camera.

Short and sweet today:  this tip is one I picked up from Julia Usher's new book, Ultimate Cookies.
Now, Julia uses this technique when she is constructing 3D cookie masterpieces (think gingerbread houses), but I used it this week when I wanted to be sure my cookies were cut to the exact same size as my edible images. 

If anyone is still here, thanks for watching!!!