Wednesday, May 26

Wood Grain on Cookies! a video tutorial

Remember Renee from Kudos Kookies? Today she's showing us how to make a wood grain pattern on cookies.

Isn't that the coolest?!? I'm picturing a little owl perched on a wood-grained tree limb.
{I'll probably never get around to making them, but the idea is there!} ;)

Thanks, Renee! Remember, you can see all of Renee's beautiful hand-painted cookies at Kudos Kookies.

What are your wood grain cookie ideas?


Maranda said...

That is so awesome!!! Thanks Renee for showing us how to do that. Renee is so stinking cute too!!! Thanks for sharing ladies.

Sue Sparks said...

Nice tutorial! On someones blog yesterday I saw a wood grain cookie that was a directional sign:)

Manu said...


Thanks for showing us how you work, Renee! We really appreciate this.

Every class makes me believe I can do it :) Thanks to you too, Bridget!!!

Dream It Up Cookies said...


kudoskookies said...

Thanks everyone. I'm glad I've been successful at teaching you something new. In answer to your question Bridget, I once did the wood grain technique on a humidor/cigar cookie. That was probablly the oddest cookie I've done to date. I keep thinking that someday I'll do a family tree cookie so wood grain would look cute on that, or maybe a 'gone fishin'' sign, or maybe many possibilities.

vanillabeanbaker said...

Good tutorial Renee, one day I may get the nerve to try cookie painting. The wood grain look will make nice frames for say, cookies like Bridget did for her Hootie Hoot Uncle Mike! Can also see using them for log cabin cookies, or treasure box cookies or even for a *Cookies For Sale* sign, LOL. Thanks for another great lesson.

Amanda said...

Just brilliant!! Is there anything you cant paint? Doubt it!! You are SO talented!!


Whimsy Cookie Co. said...

Great tutorial Renee!!! Thank you!!

Teresa said...

That's really AMAZING!
I will never under estimate the PRICE of an Iced Sugar Cookie!
So much time and attention goes into these special cookies!
I applaud all of you talented ladies!
Thanks for making the world a HAPPIER place with your beautiful decorated cookies!
And I LOVE the videos!
You need to charge admission to this site!
Such a wealth of info shared!
Thank you! xo

B.E. Sweet Treats said...

Very cool! I can't wait to try it!

TidyMom said...

GREAT tutorial Renee! you do such an awesome job on cookies!!

Yael said...

Really clear and easy to understand- hope I can pull it off! Thanks so much!

Alwayzbakin said...

Love your blog! Thanks for posting.

cookies and cups said...

Very nice! I am so glad you did this..I would have been so nervous to try the wood grain, but you made it totally do-able!!

Corry Moffat said...

Thank you so much for the help of you tutorial on wood grain. I have been asked to make a tool box with tools in it for a Builders Ball. It is a church fundraiser and this will be auctioned off. so far I have done the tool box and it has turned out great.