Saturday, July 17

How to fill a piping bag : a video tutorial

We've seen how to assemble a piping bag and which tips to use for basic decorating.  How about actually filling that bag with icing?

***My 11-year-old videographer may or may not have had too much sugar before filming. There is a lot of camera movement and zooming in and out.  If that sort of thing makes you dizzy, consider yourself warned.***

Those strawberry cookies I mentioned in the post are here.  The grill cookies.....yeah, those didn't turn out so great.  And the evidence has been eaten.


Janice said...

THANKYOU! I love these tips. Good camera man, too:)
I'm planning to put all your advice to work tomorrow.....making cookies.

~Lisa~ said...

This is great! The first time I used a piping bag I filled it up to the top, haha. And then wondered how I was going to squeeze the icing onto my cupcake without it coming out the other end.

Daydreamer Desserts said...

Great job with the video, to both the teacher and the camera man. :)

Crafty Ann said...

Thank you Bridget for that tip on filling your piping bag. I always seemed to make a mess. I'm venturing on a new hobby and hopefully business. I'm learning to decorate cake and cookies.

Amanda said...

GREAT tip on the 2 twist ties!! I never thought of that!!

Love it. :)

Be blessed-

kristen said...

i love this blog - what a great idea!

Teresa said...

This VLOG is THE BEST!!!!!
I mean it's the next best thing to having YOU in my kitchen!
I'm learning so much!
It feels soooooo good to be a STRAIGHT A student for the first time in my life! xo
And KUDDOS to the KIDDO!

The Sweet Life said...

I love how you are also so organized! whenever I decorate cookies, it's icing sugar/food colour EVERYWHERE!!!
I have LOTS to learn!

Kate fm The Sweet Life

Kara said...

I just want to thank you so much for putting together this great blog. I've learned so much already and found such great baking blogs to add to my ever growing list. Your tips truly are the reason I am having so much fun and success on my first attempts decorating sugar cookies. I've shared it with all my baking friends.