Wednesday, July 7

Royal Icing Made with Egg White Powder : a video tutorial

You know how I'm always adding a disclaimer to my tutorials that I don't know what I'm doing?  Well, let me introduce you to Gail of One Tough Cookie in New York City.  Gail is the REAL DEAL and she knows what she is doing!

Gail makes cookies and cakes like this:

Go ahead, gasp!  Is that the most darling thing ever?!?

And this cookie was on Rachael Ray's show.  You know how she does "snack of the day?"  Gail made these cookies, Rachael KISSED HERS and said it was her favorite snack of the day EVER!

Now Gail shows us how to make royal icing without meringue powder, but with egg white powder.  I'm definitely trying this soon!

Run on over and check out One Tough Cookie to see some of the cutest cookies ever!!!  And if you'd like to read more about the difference between egg white powder and meringue powder, click here to the One Tough Cookie blog.  Thank you, Gail!


Becki D said...

Um...very helpful, yes - but OMGosh how FUNNY, too! "Oopsie!" and I love all the captions.

Great job, Gail, and thanks for sharing! :-)

vanillabeanbaker said...

Well, I didn't think it was possible to find someone who makes educational AND funny video tutorials like you Bridget. Gail and you are a baker's match made in heaven. Thank you Gail and thank you Bridget. Not only did I learn about using egg white powder for royal icing but I also found out that lemon juice can stop colour running. Best 4 minutes and 25 seconds I've spent today :)

Kudos Kitchen said...

How cute is this video and how cute is Gail???? Adorable. I love hearing how she mixes up every batch of royal icing to match the cookies she is making for that day. Priceless. Cookie artists are the real deal. Nobody can match what they do, and a very rare few have the determination to see it through to excellence. Bravo Gail! You are the "real deal"!!!

Linda V said...

That was such a great video. Have been looking for something like this for ages. It was a very cute video.

Michaela said...

love that cake and love the new header :)~

Amanda said...

Great job Gail!!! You are a hoot. I love your video and cant WAIT to watch you decorate a cookie!!!

(thats my hint for your next video... do you take suggestions from the cheap seats?)


Sue Sparks said...

WOW! Love the cake decorated with such ADORABLE cookies! I'll have to check out the meringue vs. egg white powder, for sure!
LOVE this blog! :) Keep up the good work!

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

Great video. I checked out the diff. between egg white powder and meringue, pity I don't get either, I simply use egg whites. Can't wait to see you decorate!

Kate said...

great video! can't wait to try it!

Mumball said...

Just when you are about to toss in your icing bag, University of Cookie comes at you with another VERY HELPFUL video. Thanks Gail.

Mumball said...

Just when you are about to toss in your icing bag, University of Cookie comes at you with another VERY HELPFUL video. Thanks Gail.

Teresa said...

Okay Chic-a-dee-dee!
I haven't even watched the VIDEO yet!
I was way too excited!
Just HAD to let you know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the University of Cookie BLOG DESIGN!!!!!
Sooooooooooooo cute!
And don't you think I love the DEAN of COOKIES!
So dad-gum cute for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!
Cute cute cute! now I will go and watch the video!

Teresa said...

Well I'm just so glad my greg is off fishing in Idaho!
I think he would have really confirmed my craziness had he seen me lick the computer screen several times during that fabulous demonstration!
What a cute personality Miss Gail has!
Love it!
I just adore coming to class at the University of Cookie!!!!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction said...

I love it!! Great video, Gail! :)

vamosalculete said...

Hello! I´m from Spain.

I am spanish and I was fascinated with your blog. Recently that I have discovered this fantastic world of the decoration of cookies and I have been caught in it. I love it very much.

I am learning a lot, but here in Spain is not very typical make this type of cookies, which is why I have to seek out all the recipes, especially the glasa. I have seen your video and I liked the texture of yours.

I do not understand english, that is why you wanted to ask, please, whether it is possible that you copy me the ingredients of the recipe of the royal icing that you used in this video, so that you can try to prepare myself. You what I would be grateful. Thank you for your attention.

Un besote, mi solete.


Jamie said...

Such a cute cake! Never thought to put cookies on a cake before!

Completamente dulce said...

Hi, I did try this recipe, meringue powder is not a common thing in my country, so I bought egg white powder. The icing was great to work, my cookies were beautiful, the icing dries fast, but it turns so hard to bite...
Ddo you know what am i doing wrong?
Thank you

new at glutenfree said...

I have tried your royal icing recipe but find that it stays sticky am I doing something wrong?