Saturday, October 9

Cookie Maker of the Month : From Captain's Daughter to Army Mom

I'm so happy to introduce you guys to a bloggy friend of mine, Janet.  Janet's blog is called From Captain's Daughter to Army Mom.  There you'll find her beautiful garden, delicious food, inspiring stories, collecting, guess it cookies!!!  It's one of those blogs you can get lost in for hours...and to top it off...Janet is a doll!

Janet has only been decorating cookies for about a YEAR now.  Seriously.  She has a gift, don't you think? 
My absolute favorites?  Her Charlotte's Web cookies.  LOVE these!!!

Pop on over and tell her hello from all of us at University of Cookie! 


Mae Belle Creations and Musings said...

I love love love the fish bowl cookie!!!! Headed over now to take a peek...thanks for the suggestion! :)

Teresa said...

How FUN to find Janet featured over here at my favorite UNIVERSITY!
LOVE Janet's blog!
You really CAN get LOST in her world for hours and hours!
She amazes me!
I DO~NOT let Greg see her blog!
He would DIE if he could see the meals she lovingly prepares for her MAN!
Oh ME!
Greg doesn't KNOW!
{bless his heart!}
He just doesn't know some men get SPOILED like that! xoxoxoxo
Love Janet's cookies!
I want a bite of one...right NOW!

vanillabeanbaker said...

Another wonderful choice for Cookie Maker of the Month! Janet certainly has a gift for cookie decorating along with her many other gifts. I enjoy her blog very much.

notyet100 said...

thnks sure will chk er out,..:-)

Sue said...

Love Janet, and her cookies!

Kudos Kitchen said...

I've not heard of Janet or her wonderful cookies before but her photos posted here are very, very cute. I'm on my way over now to check out her blog. Thanks UOC for bringing her talent to my attention.

cookies and cups said...

I am still in love with that goldfish! Great work Janet!

amalia said...

I absolutely LOVE all of Janet's cookies! Simply original!!! The fishbowl has been one of my favorites!!!!! Thanks for sharing!