Friday, November 12

Adding food coloring to royal icing : a video tutorial

Hey y'all!  Long time, no see! (Actually, you won't be seeing me here, as I didn't have my face put on yet.)

And, I apologize for the lack of videos.  Forgive me?

A few emails have come in asking how exactly to color icing with gel/paste food colorings.  I use AmeriColor food coloring and it is wonderful.  You won't need a lot to get a nice, rich color.  Also, their super black and super red colors don't taste terrible like some other food colorings.

One more apology....well, 2.  I could not find my tripod, so this is a bit shaky AND I think I got in a little too close because the video is a little blurry.

Still want to watch? ;)


B.E. Sweet Treats said...

Thanks for the video Bridget! I love seeing your techniques on U of C!

gringarl said...

It's the first time I'm visiting your blog and all I can say after seeing some of your creations is WOW, you got be hooked
I'll definitely come back

TidyMom said...

This was GREAT Bridget!! this is my most stressful part of cookie decorating.

So what do you do next? do you divide each color up into a bag of thick for piping and a bottle of thinned down for flooding?

I'm amazed every time at how long THIS whole part takes......and it REALLY stress me sound SO clam! lol

THE Tough Cookie said...

Very well done, especially one-handed. Important can always add to the color, but can't take it away if you've added too much!

Good lesson, Bridget!

bridget {bake at 350} said...

Cheryl...I use the colors as I need I don't immediately bag and thin every color. I just keep them covered and go as needed. :)

Jackie said...

Hi Bridget, I LOVE your tutorials and have learned so much from you. When I make the icing a dark color like red, blue, or black, it tends to turn everyone's mouths and teeth that color. Is there any way around this? Just curious! THANK YOU!!

Ann said...

Thank you for this tutorial :)

Jerusha Harshman said...

I am new to cookie decorating and so I am needing to get the basic supplies. Where do you tend to buy your stuff from (i.e. Americolor)? Should I get it online? Thank you for posting step by step videos, it helps SO much seeing how to do this! You guys are amazing!

Steph Stephanie said...

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