Tuesday, October 18

Tap, Tap, Tap . . . is this thing still on?

Hellooooo...it's Bridget here!

Miracle of miracles, we have a video today!!!  A missing camcorder charging cord, Flip software that wouldn't work, and well, general busyness have kept me away for awhile.  Sunday, I broke down and bought an iPhone (oh, how I love it)....and Monday, I tested out the video camera.

Short and sweet today:  this tip is one I picked up from Julia Usher's new book, Ultimate Cookies.
Now, Julia uses this technique when she is constructing 3D cookie masterpieces (think gingerbread houses), but I used it this week when I wanted to be sure my cookies were cut to the exact same size as my edible images. 

If anyone is still here, thanks for watching!!! 


TidyMom said...

I LOVE that tip Bridget!!

don't you just love the video camera on your iphone? did you get iMovie? it's a great app too!

navygreen said...

Adorable as always, Bridget! You are so full of joy, and I love watching your videos! Definitely still here, and I'm glad to see that UofC is abandoned no more!

I have that exact same cutter, and I just used it last night. Crazy, small world we live in. :-)

Nicole (Life's a Batch)

Kristan said...

Love love love that tip. SO handy. Simple, but super effective!!

And I was soooo glad to hear you on video!! Now I have my Bridget fix!! :)

Miss you, girl!!

B.E. Sweet Treats said...

Great tip!! Love my iphone too! :)

Mima said...

Hahahah cute video Great tip :O)
Thanck you !

cookies and cups said...

LOve that tip! I would have never thought to do that!!

SweetSugarBelle said...

I love it when formally trained people do something I do...it makes me feel smart instead of what really happens. I pull a sheet out of the oven, think CRAP, and then do things I would never normally do unless desperate. I feel so validated!!! =)

Stephanie said...

Awesome tip!!

Katrina {In Katrina's Kitchen} said...

The bit about the cookie fries did me in! LOL so funny!

Vanilla Bean Baker said...

The Dean of University of Cookie is allowed to play cookie-hookie every once in awhile. Glad to have you back and with a great tip too!

Love the *cookie fries* insert.

The Alie Way said...


The Alie Way said...

I'm still here and glad to see you back! Does the cookie crumble after you've re-cut it?

srsaeaa@gmail.com said...

Still here! Thank you. : )

Too Much To Do So Little Time said...

Great tip. Thanks!

Stef at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime.com

BigBearswife said...

thanks for the video :)

C3 Bakery said...

Lovely video! Thank you! Just wondering when the next update might be? Merry Christmas!

Maryse said...

I love your blog soooo much I share ideas with friends and family too.(sorry for not commenting more often!)My daughter who also is aa awesome baker...famous for her croissants and homemade caramels...ohhh yummy!) Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge with us! Have a very merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!!!

justabaker said...

So simple-of course I would never think of it! Thanks!

Canterbury Cakes said...

Great tip - thanks for sharing!

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