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Save on Your Yoga: DIY, Sales and Coupons

As a Yogi you are helping people stretch to health and wellness, here are some tips to stretch your Yoga studio budget with sales and discount coupons.

Whether you are a new Yoga teacher, setting up a new studio or refurbishing an existing yoga gym and have a limited budget here are four ways to save on quality yoga and stretching equipment. One of the ways is to use 99designs to design a great Yoga logo – check out these best Yoga Logo Designs from 99designs review:


Buy Yoga Mats on Sale Online

Instead of going to the sometimes expensive Yoga sites try other discount mass marketers such as Quill commercial office supply. They carry over 900 Yoga supplies at great prices. Top brands such as Black Mountain Products are lower priced than even Office Depot! The same black mat is $39.99 at Office Depot and only $25.49 at Quill.

yoga black mountain


Make Your Own Props

Yes you, DIY people, you know who you are, can make your own yoga props at home.  Yoga blocks which help deep stretch postures and improve alignment can be replaced by a can of ravioli that is also 10 inches tall. You will achieve the same hard to reach pose at no cost since you can serve the ravioli to the kids after yoga class. No big cans, no problem use a large book like a dictionary for the same results. Yoga straps can easily be made by knotting together two old neckties or even a bathrobe belt to improve your flexibility. Here‘s more tips on how to make your own Yoga supplies

Buy Gently Used Yoga Equipment

There are lots of great deals on used equipment sold by studios that are closing or moving. Search on classified sites such as Craigslist in the Sporting Goods section, using the search phrase “Yoga”. In my local area, I found nearly new designer mats for $10, and bags for $5.00.  Studios can also purchase large lots of supplies such as blankets, bolsters and eye pillows at bargain prices.


How to Buy the Right Yoga Mat for Your Class


No matter whether you are a new, and an occasional yogi or a daily yoga devotee you need to select the right mat for your body to get your best results – here’s how.

Yoga mats give padded comfort between the floor and your body, especially important for your hips, elbows, and knees. Also, your mat creates your personal space in yoga classes.

Mat Materials: Most mats are made with PVA, polyvinyl chloride which helps reduce slipping and is affordable. However, PVA is not easy to recycle when you are finished with your mat. Instead, you could buy an environmentally friendly mat made from rubber that was recycled, jute, cotton or bamboo.

Thickness: While the stickiness prevents you from slipping it is the padding that will give you more comfort. Standard mats are 1/8 inch, and travel mats are thinner at 1/16 thick. For those who want more comfort and padding opt for a thicker mat at 1/4 inch thick.

Mat Length: Typical mats are 68 inches long which will be fine unless you want to really stretch out then get the super stretch mats.




Healthy Cookies are Big Business in 2017

2017 health trends included my favorite – the healthy cookie! Wow who knew that the perfect portable sweet snack could actually be good for you? Not only are the cookies delicious but many successful companies have been built upon these sweet treats.

Industry trade groups such as the Food Business News reported that the cookie category is the trending winner in the retail baking aisle. Up .92% vs 2016.  Baking reported in its report 17 Retail Bakery Trends for 2017 as health trends in the top 10.  The total volume of baking business is $50 billion in sales annually.

Kookie Karma – Healthy Company Cookies Profile

Savvy entrepreneurs have capitalized on this trends and started successful baking companies selling health, vegan and gluten-free products.

Juli Novotny, a self-confessed health nut and Yoga teacher,  started Kookie Karma 7 years ago. In 2017 they sell over 6,000 cookies a week all without white flour and refined sugar. Here vegan, organic products are considered raw foods.  In 2004, she got her cookies and crackers on supermarket shelves in California. When the economic downturn happened in 2008 she formed an LLC and brought in a partner to get her company growing again. You can use this Legalzoom promo code to save 10% on all legal services.

Her business idea was borne of her own health problems and food allergies to soy, dairy, and gluten.  Since so few stores had food she could eat she started creating her own recipes.  After a year all of her health problems cleared up and a business was launched.

All of the Kookie Karma items only use organic ingredients and are vegan – which means they contain no dairy or eggs. She bakes the cookies in a low-temperature oven to just remove the moisture so they are still considered raw foods.

She had previously worked at a Whole Foods and there was her first customer. Expansion to other stores such as Jimdo in California then to New York, Las Vegas and across America. While she is private about her financial reports she did reveal that the sale is up 30% vs last year.


Top healthy baking trends include:

  • Savory Muffins – Yesterday’s overly sweet and calorie-laden muffins are out and lean, clean eating savory muffins are in. They are a mealtime muffin such as southwest corn muffins and pretzel croissants are big winners.
  • Clean Eating – Today’s educated, health-conscious shoppers demand to know exactly what ingredients are used in their baked goods.  Consumers are ingredient and nutrition focused and will pay more for products that meet their dietary needs.
  • Non-PHO Shortenings – The unhealthy fat, PHOS partially hydrogenated oils, are being replaced with better for your alternatives. Consumers have demanded healthier choices. Now bakeries are using palm and soy-based shortenings with tasty results.
  • Eclairs Comeback – The old-fashioned French eclair is making a big comeback with creative twists by talented bakers.  The classic choux pastry is filled with fruit cremes and decorated with chocolate.
  • Individual Tarts – Continue to grow in success due to their small portion control size and good looks.


Health + Desert Comingle

Despite everyone’s efforts at good healthy living our love of dessert is not going away. In fact, in 2017, the pie category grew 16% – more than any other category such as cakes or pastries.


Great healthy cookie recipe even for those who want to lose weight!