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5 Tips for Long Term Weight Loss & Coupon Codes

5 Tips for Long-Term Weight Loss

You have lost a certain amount of weight and get back in shape and now looking for ways to keep your weight under control for the long term. It is really hard for some people to lose pounds and when they successfully shed weight, they start finding different ways for long-term weight loss. So, here are 5 tips to keep in shape for the long term.  Also, be sure to check out Coupon Code Day – Online Discount Codes if you find a product you like and want to try out on your weight loss quest.

Weight Training

Doing weight training at least 3 times a week by short rest intervals around 30 to 60 seconds will help you to keep your weight under control. The 1-hour workout is enough to keep catabolic hormones low and anabolic hormones high. If you do more than 1-hour weight training, then you will lose fat and muscles quickly. Your goal should be the maintenance of muscles that will keep your metabolic rate high. In this way, your body fat will reduce in a steady way. Try to lose 1 to 1.5 pounds of fat in one week.

Increase Lean Protein

To increase your metabolic rate, start taking a lean protein that will increase the anabolic hormones and help you to keep muscles in shape. Through lean muscle mass, you will burn more calorie and keep your metabolic rate maintained. Add a low-fat protein like lean red meat, seafood, skinless chicken etc. in your diet chart. In case, you are not getting enough protein in your daily diet, you can eat protein supplements of high quality.

Eat Healthy

Take care of your diet and eat healthy. Watch your daily diet. Keep away from fat-free or low-fat food products as these products are rich in carbohydrates. Such type of food is giving you calories through carbohydrates that can be not good for your body.

Moreover, sugary food products are harmful to you. Instead, you should eat complex carbohydrates that will prevent fluctuations of blood sugar and reduce the output of insulin which is the main hormone that stores body fat. If your insulin level is high, your body cannot burn stored body fat easily.

If you want to preserve the lean muscle then avoid High-carbohydrate. Start eating high-fiber carbohydrates like lentils, oatmeal, and brown rice. You should avoid pasta, bread, white rice, processed low-fiber carbohydrate sources, and sweets. In order to prevent dehydration, drink 10-12 glasses of water in a day that help to release stored fat to burn as energy.

Reduce Saturated Fats

Saturated fats are not good if you want to reduce weight for the long term.  It is better if you reduce the intake of saturated fats and substitute with monounsaturated fats like avocado, olive oil and polyunsaturated fat like flax oil. These types of fats are “good fats” which you can add to your daily diet. Studies have shown that if you get omega 3 from different sources such as haddock, fish like cod, perch, sea bass, salmon etc, your health will improve and your body lose fat.

Avoid Alcohol

People who drink a lot will gain more weight than those who do not drink. When you are doing dieting and putting your efforts to lose weight for the long term it is better to avoid alcohol. If you consume a meal with alcohol, then the body will metabolize alcohol first and the rest of the calories will be stored as fat.  If alcohol is something you need to decompress after a long day once in a while then drink a glass of red or white wine.  That would be the best option.

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Cookies By Design Coupons – Gourmet Cookies on a Whole New Level

Cookies By Design is best described as the first and original company providing the public with the cookie bouquet approach. This means that they offer fresh baked cookies that are hand decorated and ideal for any special occasion. These can range from holidays to business events and go all the way to personal celebrations. The company has more than three decades of experience under their belt and during this time, they have managed to create their treats for countless individuals, families, and organizations. Today, they are as well-known and used as they ever were and here are the key reasons for their success and longevity.

Ideal Gourmet Gift

The company provides a huge range of different gourmet gifts, aside from their most well-known cookie bouquets. These gifts include cookie cakes, cookie gift baskets, gourmet brownies, chocolate truffles and so much more. All of these are handmade by dedicated professionals. These individuals, working together as a team, managed to transform the cooking and baking process into something more resembling art than food. This is further underlined by the company’s ability to brand their products with a custom message or image that the clients wish to use. The company can apply even further custom elements, all with the purpose of making a gourmet gift simply unforgettable.

Safe for All

Products provided by Cookies By Design are not just delicious, but also safe for use by all. This means that anyone who is gluten sensitive can get special gluten-free cookies. These were crafted with the same painstaking love and dedication, but are at the same time totally safe for individuals who have gluten allergies or similar issues.

Great Option for Business and Companies

Having custom-designed cookies and other sweets is a wonderful possibility for any business. With the help of Cookies By Design products, any company, no matter how big or small, can get their custom sweets. These will be cherished not just by their employees in the offices, but also any guests that might come their way. In those circumstances, the guest can only be impressed with the custom cookie offer.

Effectiveness and Affordability

Cookies By Design provides a great delivery service that will make sure that any and all products reach their destination in exceptional shape. At the same time, the company also offers last-minute gifts that are a lifesaving possibility for those who forgot about buying a present beforehand. With the products offered by Cookies By Design, these individuals can find an excellent present for their loved one. On the other hand, the impeccable service by this company does not come with a huge bill. Instead, there are Cookies By Design coupon deals and many more ways of finding their sweets at low prices. One of these deals is a $10 discount for the new customers who spend over $50. This can be attained by simply using the coupon code First10. This, like many other coupon deals, can be located at, so anyone looking for Cookies By Design coupon deals should check out that online location as well.

With great products and spotless customer service, Cookies By Design company is an excellent choice for indulging in best hand-crafted sweets out there.

Save on Your Yoga: DIY, Sales and Coupons

As a Yogi you are helping people stretch to health and wellness, here are some tips to stretch your Yoga studio budget with sales and discount coupons.

Whether you are a new Yoga teacher, setting up a new studio or refurbishing an existing yoga gym and have a limited budget here are four ways to save on quality yoga and stretching equipment. One of the ways is to use 99designs to design a great Yoga logo – check out these best Yoga Logo Designs from 99designs review:


Buy Yoga Mats on Sale Online

Instead of going to the sometimes expensive Yoga sites try other discount mass marketers such as Quill commercial office supply. They carry over 900 Yoga supplies at great prices. Top brands such as Black Mountain Products are lower priced than even Office Depot! The same black mat is $39.99 at Office Depot and only $25.49 at Quill.

yoga black mountain


Make Your Own Props

Yes you, DIY people, you know who you are, can make your own yoga props at home.  Yoga blocks which help deep stretch postures and improve alignment can be replaced by a can of ravioli that is also 10 inches tall. You will achieve the same hard to reach pose at no cost since you can serve the ravioli to the kids after yoga class. No big cans, no problem use a large book like a dictionary for the same results. Yoga straps can easily be made by knotting together two old neckties or even a bathrobe belt to improve your flexibility. Here‘s more tips on how to make your own Yoga supplies

Buy Gently Used Yoga Equipment

There are lots of great deals on used equipment sold by studios that are closing or moving. Search on classified sites such as Craigslist in the Sporting Goods section, using the search phrase “Yoga”. In my local area, I found nearly new designer mats for $10, and bags for $5.00.  Studios can also purchase large lots of supplies such as blankets, bolsters and eye pillows at bargain prices.


How to Buy the Right Yoga Mat for Your Class


No matter whether you are a new, and an occasional yogi or a daily yoga devotee you need to select the right mat for your body to get your best results – here’s how.

Yoga mats give padded comfort between the floor and your body, especially important for your hips, elbows, and knees. Also, your mat creates your personal space in yoga classes.

Mat Materials: Most mats are made with PVA, polyvinyl chloride which helps reduce slipping and is affordable. However, PVA is not easy to recycle when you are finished with your mat. Instead, you could buy an environmentally friendly mat made from rubber that was recycled, jute, cotton or bamboo.

Thickness: While the stickiness prevents you from slipping it is the padding that will give you more comfort. Standard mats are 1/8 inch, and travel mats are thinner at 1/16 thick. For those who want more comfort and padding opt for a thicker mat at 1/4 inch thick.

Mat Length: Typical mats are 68 inches long which will be fine unless you want to really stretch out then get the super stretch mats.