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We cover topics like medicine, diet and nutrition, and general wellness. 

From eating your way to wellness to finding the best supplements for your diet, the University of Cookie is here to enlighten you.

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Reasons Why You’re Struggling To Stay Fit

Sep 6, 2023

Achieving fitness requires a balanced diet, consistent workouts, ample sleep, stress management, and good dental health. Lack of consistency in workouts and imbalanced diets can hinder fitness progress and goals. Stress and poor sleep can affect metabolism and appetite, leading…

woman exercising using gym ball

5 Tips to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

Jun 29, 2023

Adopt a balanced and nutritious diet to nourish the body and support weight loss. Engage in regular physical activity to burn calories, build lean muscle mass, increase metabolism, and improve cardiovascular health. Prioritize sleep and stress management to regulate hormones,…

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Stay Fit and Healthy: Tips for Young Adults

Mar 30, 2023

Stay active and take up a sport to help alleviate stress, boost mood and energy levels, and improve sleep.  Go outdoors and enjoy nature for physical and mental health benefits.  Maintain a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits, lean protein,…

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