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University of Cookie is the brainchild of Cookie Hansen, a nutritionist and mom to twins Poppy and Daisy. When she was a kid, Cookie dreamt of being a dean in a big college where all the bright students went. Since childhood, her dream has always been to educate and enlighten others.

As an adult, this dream lives on, but Cookie has already accepted that being a dean is off her list. Instead, she continues to educate and enlighten others via University of Cookie, a health and wellness blog that features articles about diet and nutrition, weight loss, wellness and general health.

We Talk About Health and Wellness 

Here at the University of Cookie, we try to help you fuel the body and engage the mind. Learn more about science-based health trends and tips. We cover topics like medicine, diet and nutrition and general wellness. 

From eating your way to wellness to finding the best supplements for your diet, the University of Cookie is here to enlighten you.

Expand your knowledge on health. Eat your way to wellness at the University of Cookie.

Cookie Hansen 

Cookie isn’t the only one educating others via this blog. She is also writing with two of her friends, both of whom have experience in the field of health and wellness, too.

Hector Madsen 

Hector Madsen, a journalist who covers the health and wellness beat, is Cookie’s good friend from college. He is a father of three boys, a big fan of college basketball and a great cook. Hector is also a dad joke enthusiast.

Irene Kim

Irene Kim is Cookie’s yoga instructor-turned-good friend. Single mom Irene recently turned vegan after being a vegetarian for 10 years. She finds her journey a tough one but doesn’t regret ditching the meat in her diet.

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